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Babes Wodumo Proves Haters Wrong

 hit maker,  sets out to prove her haters wrong as she prepares to perform in Kenya.

We would all agree that  has not had it easy since  came into the scene. The  hit maker has been dragged for remaining local while Mphela travels the world to perform.

This happened after Kamo received praise following her breathtaking performance in London. While the two have been constantly compared to each other, they haven’t said much about it. However, Babes’ sister and manager, Nondumiso Simelane has announced that the  star is scheduled to perform in Kenya.

According to her “Babes does not limit herself. Clearly those who think she targets only local don’t know her”. She further revealed that Babes will prove her haters wrong with this performance. Wodumo will share the stage with popular names including  IV, Moseh The Drummist, Themm, Kori-K and  Panik-Ke.

Babes needs to work to provide for her son. And she has a very supportive family. So working, which includes travelling, does not affect anyone including the baby. She’s a caring and loving mother,” -Nondumiso

Comprar Jornal Dossiers & Factos Por M-Pesa | CLICA AQUI

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