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Prince Kaybee Gets New Tattoo (Photos)

Check out these brand new photos of “Fetch Your Life” star,  getting new ink.

Over time, we have come to know “Fetch Your Life” hit maker,  as one who likes to record some of his milestones in indelible ink. You may have noticed the tattoos on his left arm.

They consistent of some of his popular songs including “Fetch Your Life”, “Charlotte” and more. It seems Kaybee is not just into etching his songs on his skin, he also added something else that he loves.

The “Uwrongo” #star recently shared photos of a new tattoo on the left part of his neck. It is the Benz logo. The logo stretches from his neck to the upper part of his shoulder. Everyone knows how much Kaybee likes his Benz, he talks about it all the time. You can check out the photos of the new tattoo below.


Comprar Jornal Dossiers & Factos Por M-Pesa | CLICA AQUI

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