YoungstaCPT Makes His Acting Debut On “Blood And Water” Seeason 2

Season 2 of the popular flick “Blood and Water” is premiering soon. But that’s no news. The big news is that the celebrated rapper  of the “3T” fame will be making his acting debut in that season.

And he’s incredibly excited about it.

In a post to Instagram, he had shared a teaser from that season, with the caption “truth be told.”

The first season of the show left many question unanswered. Now viewers are about to be treated to the answers, and possibly teased with new questions, which another season of the flick should answer.

You can check out YoungstaCPT’s post below.


With his foray into acting, the Cape Town rapper Joins several South African musicians who combine acting with music. Another notable musician and Actor is  of Afrotainment.

YoungstaCPT’s acting adventure elicited mostly messages of congratulations from his fans, with some of them expressing the hope he wouldn’t ditch music for acting ultimately.

It remains to be seen how fans would rate his acting skills at the end of the day.

Well, what do you think of YoungstaCPT’s foray into acting? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Do.

Mais  Destaques

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